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Gopro HD2 sound capture is probably its only weak point.

So many racing and rallying onboards on the web are spoiled by distorted audio and noise.

Why not capture the engine and environment  sound instead of the usual annoying wind noise.

All you need is a decent microphone and the trick is done!

Here’s one of my racing onboard vids, check out the engine sound it’s fantastic.

Check out more vids here

We’re selling the solution on ebay.

The kit includes:
Stereo microphone + wind screens
-2 meters cable to deport the microphone to areas with less wind flux.
-Foam for isolating the microphone and reduce vibration noise.
Capture the cristal-clear sound you need with your Gopro HD2 thanks to this affordable kit.
How to use the microphone:
In order to be able to connect the microphone, GOPRO sell the “Skeleton housing” for 39.99 USD/€; the standard waterproof  housing sold with the camera does not allow that.
You can :
-Order the “Skeleton housing” from GoPro
-Drill a 10mm hole in your standard housing if you don’t use your GoPro for Surf or any underwater activity. The drilled housing will remain “weather-proof” as the microphone extension cable connecter won’t allow rain to enter.
GoPro Sound Solution fitted on a Caterham R300
Buy a 10mm drill, mark the position of the mic with a pen  and drill a hole.
Drill a 10 mm hole
Use the cable extension to place the microphone somewhere you can capture the engine sound.
Improve your sound by applying an Equalizer effect on your editing software. Use a similar band to get rid of parasite noise(high frequencies) and vibrations (low frequencies).
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More videos captured with this setup:

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