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Sold: Modified Wrangler with 49″ IROKS




Engine:4.0 high output
Transfer case: AX15
Doubler Gear box : NP203 – NP 205
Axles : 2 steering Rockwell 2.5 tons + ARB air lock front and rear
Full Hydraulic steering (front and rear )
Suspension : 36 inches PROCOMP
Front suspension : 3 links
Rear suspension: 4 links
Vetilated disc brakes
49 inches IROCK tires
Winch :X_ Dyna 15000
Diff ratio 6.71/1

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Passionate about cars since his early age, studied mechanical engineering in Toulouse, France, Launched in 2005 then in 2006. Hobbies: Motorsports, Rock Music, Bass Guitar, Video shooting, Engine tuning.

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