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News: RFC Ukraine 2020


(The FIRST RFC Race for 2020 Successfully Completed in Europe).


RFC Ukraine makes the record for RFC Global Series (RFCGS) to “unleash” the First RFC race on the European continent on a bright Spring weekend in the vicinity of the 2nd biggest city, Kharkhiv.


It was also a weekend of success for 4×4 extreme motorsports as Ukraine and most of Europe started to bounce back from the pandemic of Covid19. The easing of the lockdown with exit plan opening up many sectors of the economy for work and play were much welcomed by everyone including off-roaders, after three months of “stay at home.”


The resilience of the human spirit to overcome crises is proven once again, something that off-roaders worldwide can relate to. When faced with obstacles during any 4×4 race or during an expedition, we always work out ways and means to overcome the difficulties so that we can continue to move forward to the finishing line or destination.


This first race by RFC Ukraine is also very meaningful because 2020 is the 25th anniversary year of the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia, the “alma matter” of all RFC Global Series (RFCGS) events worldwide. And this is also the year where the RFC race is ranked No.3 in the Top 5 Toughest Offroad Races in the World.


At the outskirts of Kharkhiv, the “Battle Grounds” for the Special Stages (SS) have been carefully chosen with undulating terrain filled with multiple obstacles including steep climb and soggy grounds. Nothing comes easy of course, the SS must be fought with driving skills and recovery techniques from a world class racing format, the RFC.


The racers were eager to get into the action, not surprising, after months of inactivity; while the spectators were equally thrilled to be outdoors to watch the action.

Excitement was all in the air for both racers and fans from the word “Go” as the 4×4 teams in R1 (Prototype), R2 (Modified Production) and R3 (Standard) and also from the ATV & UTV racers pushed their skills to the limit and beyond.


The well prepared machines, the racing skills and sheer willpower of the racers to excel in this kind of extreme 4×4 challenge once again goes to show that nothing is going to stop us from racing and enjoying what we love,  just like from the song: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Jefferson Starship with the following lyrics:

 “And we can build this thing together, Standing strong forever
Nothing’s gonna stop us now…”


A great start to RFC Global Series (RFCGS) for 2020 in the year of our 25th anniversary of the Rainforest Challenge and being ranked world’s no.3 toughest off-road races!


Congratulations to the organizers of RFCUKR2020 (Slivia4x4), winners, fans and sponsors! The next race for RFC Ukraine will be in September also at Kharkhiv.


The rest of RFCGS events worldwide will be taking place from Summer to Autumn while the finale “battle” will be the RFC Grand Final 2020 coinciding with 25RFC Silver Jubilee in Malaysia from 27 Nov to 8 Dec.


Winners of RFC UKRAINE June 2020

4×4 Categories: R1 (prototype): (1) Rakhmailov Eugen / Shymeiko Nikolaii (2) Treguba Henadii / Treguba Oleg (3) Burov Urii / Ivchenko Eugen. R2 (Modified): (1) Salkov Urii /  Vitalii (2) Rakhmailov Vasilii / Maiboroda Vitalii (3) Stamatin Vacheslav / Kravcov Ivan. R3 (standard). (1)  Domnikov Alexandr / Paladii Serhiy (2)  Moiseev Andrii / Bukov Edyard (3) Radionov Kirill / Koval Eugen.


UTV (1) Cheromyhin Olexandr / Georgiu Vladimir (2) Petrova Maria / Volkovskaya Maria.

ATV: (1) Fomenko Alexandr / Bondarenko Alexandr (2) Boiko Alexei / Nimirchii Vacheslav (3) Shumilkin Alexey / Babiy Maxim.

Quad (1) Viunikov Eugen / Gryva Dmitrii (2) Vyazynov Denis / Vyazunov Sergii.  


RFC International Secretariat:


Pix credit to Katerina Shchedraya (Катерина Щедрая)

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